Since 1975 the RSF plays "classical" rags, songs and other musical formats from the ragtime era. It's instrumentation is the same as suggested in the legendary "The Red Back Book" from 1912, that is apart from flute/piccolo cornet, clarinet, trombone, 1st and 2nd violin, cello, bass, piano and drums.

Founded in 1975

Listening to the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra on their first european tour was the key event in 1974. Till that time ragtime music  was just piano roll music for us put on records later on. The elegance of syncopated ragtime melodies together with the vitality of a New Orleans rhythm section was brandnew to our ears. Quite astonishing for us to learn that the band strictly followed printed music published around the turn of the century.  Under the leadership of  Klaus Pehl the RSF was founded a year later so to say as the first european subsidiary company. rsf_78.jpg (42348 Byte) 

The Concept

During the first time the material to work with were the historical arrangements for bands of the original compositions for piano from the ragtime greats Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph Lamb, which we got with the help of the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, the Jazz Archives Tulane University, New Orleans, and from sheet music collectors. Soon songs and marches from the ragtime era were added to the repertoire of the band. A special kick we got out of Eubie Blake's compositions. We heard him playing on festivals in Europe in the late seventies and loved his charming performances, the last musically active eye witness being 94 years old. Especially his songs from the music revue Shuffle Along (1921) enriched our book. Own arrangements of rather unknown but pretty rags as well as song hits from the pre-jazz years complete our programm today. Since 1995 the RSF presents together with Lilo's Puppet Show in their own version scenes and motives from Scott Joplin's opera Treemonisha.


The relation to New Orleans Jazz opened the doors for the RSF to the jazz scene. After more than 20 years we still succeed to get our audience falling in love with the elegant melodies and lively rhythm of ragtime. The music which was so popular around the turn of the century in the urban centers left and right of the mississippi banks is the best in society music. It already prepares  the rising of jazz. The happiness of the music is easily transferred to the audience. We do not hide that we feel happy performing it. We perform in clubs, on small cabaret stages as well as in concert halls and on festivals all over Europe. Over the years special events were  the selforganized concerts in our home town Frankfurt during the 80s very often presenting a legend of piano playing, the late Dick Wellstood and especially the first performance of our premiere of our Treemonisha-Project in 1995.

dickwell.gif (15925 Byte) Dick Wellstood (Piano), Frankfurt am Main 1980


The RSF plays in with the instrumentation which is typical for a New Orleans society orchestra of the ragtime era. To the classic New Orleans unit (cornet, trombone, clarinet, piano, bass und drums) strings are added to complete the orchestra's color (1st  violin, 2nd violin, cello). That is - apart from music for flute or piccolo - the instrumentation which is given by the legendary collection of band arrangements of famous piano rags The Red Back Book from the year 1911.

Musicians in 2005:

Horst Debnar-Daumler (Cornet & Vocals)

Harald Blöcher (Trombone & Vocals)

Klaus Pehl (Clarinet & Leader)

Herbert Fennel (Violin)

Jürgen Seeger (Violin)

Barbara Dietsche (Cello)

Jutta Klauer (Bass)

Michael Freund (Piano)

Hans-Georg Klauer (Drums)


Classical rags, cakewalks, songs & marches, excerpts from music shows, excerpts from "Treemonisha", piano rags


The music of the RSF is preserved on

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